Website hosting UK

If you're running a website such as a blog, games site or any type of business website you may have been with numerous hosts over the years.

What a lot of site owners don't take into consideration when choosing a web host is the location of the servers their sites are hosted on.

If you're running a UK based business or website it makes sense to not only register a domain name but to make sure your site is hosted in the United Kingdom on UK based web servers too.

Having a domain name lets search engines know that your site caters for that country, it also allows users who visit your site know that they're dealing a British company.

Depending on what your site offers customers may trust it more if they know that the products are delivered in Britain or even that the advice on the site comes from someone in the UK and is useful and relevant.


Having a site hosted in you're country will also help it load faster and reduce ping times for the end-users it always makes sense to host your site in the country where most of the traffic will come from.

Having a fast loading site will also help its ranking in search engines potentially meaning more traffic coming to your site, bringing in more revenue.

Large hosting companies that offer super cheap hosting often have their servers crammed with 10,000's of sites and are not located in Britain, the results are not only slower server performance due to too many sites on the server but also lower ping rate and slower page load times due to the server being in a foreign country.

If you're serious about your site you may want to go with a host that has fewer sites on each server with servers based in your country. Do you have a site and can't get it to rank higher up in the search engines? it may be time to look at the type of hosting you have and where the servers are located.

When looking for web hosting it's worth checking out what works for your business and avoid those cheap $1 type site that may be costing you more money than you think you're saving.

If you're looking for the best web hosting UK then check out our hosting solutions on servers right here in Britain.

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