Domain hosting

If you're looking for domain hosting we have all the major TLD's you need, whether its .com or we have something perfect for your company.

How should you pick the best domain name? If it's a local business you might want to choose an extension that reflects the country you are in for example a for the UK if it's a business or internet type website maybe something with .net think about what your domain says to your customers.

Make your domain easy to remember and easy to type try and avoid complex or unknown words ann numbers.


If your website is a brand it may also be worth buying other extensions of your domain name to stop others from hijacking it, most people get away with taking the top-level domains and don't bother with the dozens of lesser-known ones.

There are online sites that allow you resister domain names only but it might be worth registering your domain name with the same registrar as your web site hosting, it usually makes the whole process easy and simple as everything is all in one place and support teams can easily access all aspects of your hosting when you need help.

Take time when choosing a domain name, even though its possible to change it later your domain name is known to customers it may cause problems with your brand or even traffic to your site if you switch it to something else, it's probably best when choosing a domain name to assume you will use it forever with your particular business, so take more than a few minutes when setting it up, also search for your domain names keyword to see what else comes up in search you may not want to have something that can be confused with your competitors.

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