Cheap web hosting UK

If you have been running websites for a while the chances are you have experienced using cheap web hosting, most people go with cheaper hosting thinking they're getting a great deal only to be disappointed in the end

So what are the problems with cheap web hosting? the most obvious is if sounds too good to be true then it probably is, one of major problems with cheap hosts is that in order to make up the loss of revenue they often cram servers with 10,000's of website which impact performance for everyone, in the modern age a nippy website is a must not only for better ranking in search engines but also for e-commerce too, a person is more likely to leave your site if it doesn't load within a few seconds in fact you have probably done this yourself if you've ever been waiting on a page loading and simply closed the browser tab out of frustration, why would anyone experiencing the same issue on your website do anything different?

Another problem that most people don't even think about is that you're sharing your server with 1000's of other people, cheap hosting attracts all sorts, if a naughty person on your server uses it to send out unsolicited emails, for example, they can get the server IP blocked which will affect your site too!


One of the biggest complaints with cheap hosting is that these type of companies have so many customers that they fail on customer service, supports tickets can take days to be answered and if your problem is mission-critical that obviously won't do.

Have you ever been with a cheap host? did you even know where your website was hosted? a lot of people don't even bother to check, but if your business is in the UK, for example, it won't help site load times if your website is hosting in another country, a lot of cheap web hosts don't even give you option of choosing where your site will be.

It can be a minefield out there with all these web hosts most people just want something easy, works all the time and can get support when they need it, just because you don't want to go with cheap web hosting doesn't mean you have to break the bank, it might be worth bypassing the cheap dollar-type hosting and go with one that is slightly more expensive, more stable servers and better support when you need it.

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