How many websites can I host?

While using any of our packages you can host as many websites you can fit into your plans disk space. A typical Joomla! or WordPress installation takes up no more than 30mb of space you could easily fit about 10 sites into the cheap web hostingĀ 1gb starter plan. Every package has unlimited add-on domains.

What if I need more space?

If you need more space for your website, simply upgrade your plan at any time, submit a support ticket and we'll do it straight away there is never any downtime on your sites we simply upgrade your account by allocating more disk space.

I am on a Gold/Silver/Platinum plan and I no longer need the additional space can I downgrade?

Yes, you upgrade or downgrade to any plan you want at any time. Submit a support ticket and we will downgrade you immediately the price difference will be reflected in your next generated bill, this way you only ever pay for what you need.

I need hosting support for my website

If you need support for your site we are here to help, all of our support staff are web users, we have years of experience and no what we are doing when it comes to web hosting.

Can I register a domain with you?

Yes, or you can point your existing domain to us, either way, you simply point your domain to our nameservers and

Could you transfer my website from my old host over to you?

Yes, if you don't feel confident doing it we can do for you for free, you simply create a backup of your site as a zip, send it to us and we will install it for you.

How many email accounts can I set up for my website?

You can create as many email accounts as you like you do this through the cPanel, the industry standard for web hosting!

How do I create a backup of my site in case something goes wrong?

You don't have to, we create a backup every day of your site's files and database, we always keep 30 days worth of backups meaning you can restore your site to any state in the previous 30 days.

This is my first website could you install it for me?

Yes, just check the box in the sign-up and we will do it when setting up your account, if you forgot just send us a quick email or submit a support ticket and we will sort it out.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

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