Joining our affiliate program

At UK small business web hosting we have 2 affiliate tiers: Silver and Gold.

Silver tier is the default which every affiliate is assigned to when they sign up.

Silver affiliate features:

1. 25% commission (single payment when a customer signs up to a web hosting package)

2. Minimum £2.40 GBP per paid signup

3. 3-month cookie for referrals

4. Minimum £25 payout threshold

5. Automatic payouts last day of the month

6. Payout directly into PayPal account

Gold tier is invite-only: You can qualify for a Gold account if you have more than 50k followers on social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Gold affiliate features:

1. 25% commission (recurring every month for life of customer)

2. Minimum £2.40 GBP per paid signup (100 signups = £240 GBP per month)

3. 12-month cookie for referrals

4. No minimum payout threshold

5. Request payout anytime

6. Automatic payouts last day of the month

7. Payout directly into PayPal account

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Does it cost anything to be an affiliate?

No, simply sign up and grab your affiliate link for free.

What's the difference between Silver and Gold affiliates?

Silver affiliates get a single payment when a customer signs up to a web hosting package through their referral link, Gold affiliates get recurring payments every month for the lifetime of the customer, Silver affiliates get a 3-month cookie for referrals and Gold gets 12-month.

What does recurring payment (Gold affiliate) mean?

It means when a customer signs up to a paid hosting package, you will receive 25% of their hosting cost every month for the life of the customer, for example, if 100 customers sign up via your referral link and they stay with us for 3 years you would be receiving £240 per month for 3 years, if a customer cancels their account this will simply be removed from your monthly affiliate payout total automatically. You can of course refer more customers and increase your monthly payouts.

I'm a social media influencer or I have a large following online can I be a Gold affiliate?

If you have more than 50k followers on any social media site you qualify for a Gold affiliate account, this could be 50k twitter followers or 50k page likes on Facebook or even Instagram, simply sign up for an affiliate account and send a message to our team with links to your social media account(s) and we will upgrade you to a Gold account, you can refer to yourself as an 'affiliate partner' on social media

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Can I use my referral link on any site?

Yes as long as it has the correct affiliate ID attached it will work, referral cookies are stored for 12 months (Gold) and 3 months (Silver) so even if a customer signs up a later point you will still be assigned the referral.

Are payments automatically sent out?

Yes, if you haven't requested early payment (Gold affiliates only) they will automatically go out on the last day of each month.

What happens if a customer upgrades/downgrades an account? (Gold affiliate)

If a client signs up for a £10 per month account you will receive £2.50 per month commission if they upgrade to a £20 a month account your commission payout will increase to £5.00 per month and the same will happen in reverse if they downgrade..

Is there a limit to how many referrals I can claim?

Send as many referrals as you like, there is no limit and no limit to the monthly commission's payout.

Can I post my affiliate link to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter?

Yes just post the link directly into a FB post or tweet, it will auto-generate and other users will be able to click it and sign up. if you want to try it out copy and paste this link and post it (you can delete it afterwards) here is an example of what it looks like:

affiliate link on facebook

How do I get my payment?

Payments are currently paid out to PayPal only.

I have a website is there a special code I need to create a link?

The only link that needs to be correct is your affiliate link, you can use the following code and paste it into your website, feel free to change it but just make sure your affiliate link is the correct link with your affiliate number.

Copy this code below and paste it into your website, remember to change your affilate number.

<p>Running a blog or a small business web site? Click here to sign up for <a href="" title="UK based web hosting">UK based web hosting</a></p>

What do 3-month/12-month cookies mean?

When a customer clicks your link a cookie is stored on their computer that identifies you as their referral, it means that if they don't sign up straight away but at a later date you will still be accredited with the referral. Gold affiliates have 12-month cookies, that means a customer has 12 months to sign up after clicking your link.

Do you have any tips for sharing my link?

When posting on social media explain in a simple sentence what it is or why they should sign up, be creative, just spamming links tends not to get clicks. Explain that you're an affiliate partner, being open and honest creates trust and people will be more likely to sign up via your link.

To sign up as an affiliate first register an account here

Once you're logged in click on the affiliates menu at the top of the page then click on "Activate Affiliate Account"

After your affiliate account is activated you will see your affiliate link on the page, you also have access to clicks and sign-ups tracking, these are generated in real-time.

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Hope to work with you soon.

Thanks, Admin team. UK small business web hosting

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